Early Childhood Research Websites

National Institute for Early Education Research 

Harvard Family Research Project

National Association for the Education of Young Children

Early Childhood Resources Websites (Promoted by Learning Disabilities Association of America)

Brookings Institution Briefs provide high-quality evidence on several early childhood interventions and their impact on children and families.  The interventions include State Pre-K, Head Start, Early Head Start, Model Early Childhood Programs, and Nurse Home Visiting Programs. 

BUILD Initiative is a national initiative of states who are engaged in early childhood system building.  State reports and other publications are available.

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis has completed extensive research on the economics of investing in early childhood. Skills are a key determinant of individual economic well-being and broader economic growth.

Heckman Equation University of Chicago professor James Heckman is one of the nation’s leading proponents of early childhood education. Heckman basis his advocacy on the belief that investing in children from birth through five years of age is essential and pays enormous dividends. The educator explains his theory and how he thinks schools can help children build a healthy foundation for life.

National Center for Children in Poverty The achievement gap for low-income young children starts early in life and is difficult to reverse. What science tells us about brain development, along with what we know from economic analysis, makes it clear that investing in high-quality early care and learning is essential to reducing this gap.

National Scientific Council on the Developing Child (NSCDC) is a multi-disciplinary collaboration comprised of leading scholars in neuroscience, early childhood development, pediatrics, and economics. The site includes science-based publications on many early childhood topics.  This is a great resource for anyone who wants to have the irrefutable evidence at his or her fingertips for the science-based arguments.

Ounce of Prevention Fund is dedicated to ensuring that, beginning at birth, children in low-income families can overcome the challenges of poverty and enter kindergarten fully prepared to achieve.

Partnership for America’s Success Evidence indicates that investing in children during their earliest years yields high economic returns. The Partnership for America’s Economic Success is a national coalition using this evidence to mobilize business leaders to improve tomorrow’s economy through smart policy investments in young children today.

Smart Start is the oldest EC system in the country at 15 years, and counting.

The First Five Years Fund is committed to improving the lives of at-risk children by leveraging cost-effective investments in early learning. FFYF aims to focus nationwide attention and resources on comprehensive, quality early care and learning programs for children from birth to age five.

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