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Educational Opportunities for Parents and Providers

Let's Talk about Math!

ZERO TO THREE recently released new resources available for parents and caregivers to help them work with young children on early math skills, called Let's Talk about Math!  Research has found that a strong understanding of early math concepts predicts both a child's future math and literacy skills-and that the roots of early math skills begin developing from birth, through a young child's everyday play and interactions with parents and caregivers.
This series of videos demonstrates parent behaviors for interacting with infants and toddlers to help build the foundation of early math skills in the first 3 years of life. Each video is accompanied by a handout to help parents support these skills through playful activities at home and on-the-go, available in English and Spanish. The first three videos focusing on shapes and counting are now available, with more to come later this year.

Early Language and Literacy Series

Preschool Development Grant Technical Assistance 14-module series on Early Language and Literacy is now available for those who provide early childhood professional development, both as pre-service (colleges and universities) and in-service.  This series of professional development modules on early literacy learning, birth to kindergarten, is designed to support the work of early education initiatives across the fifty states and the territories to support the language and literacy development of young children. The two key objectives for the Early Learning Language and Literacy Series are:

To provide teachers with background information/research on early language and literacy
To provide evidence-based strategies to support the language and literacy development of young children




Childcare Providers

Tipping the Scales: The Resilience Game

The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University has created an online game that teaches how choices we make can help our children and communities become more resilient in the face of serious challenges.  Negative events can occur at any time, and it's your job to counteract the effects!  Will your community will thrive or dive?  Play the game and find out!

Check out the Great Start to Quality website for more!




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